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    Comany Newsletter


    I need some help here guys

    I have just been asked to write about myself in my comanys newsletter.

    I need witty answers to the following questions.

    details of any interesting hobbies or pass times

    if they didnít do their current job what would be their ideal job and why

    who would they most like to have dinner with and why

    what is their pet hate

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    Unhappy No

    I don't want you to answer them seriously,

    I want witty answers to these questions. Cmon, I live my life infront of my screen and I don't have much witt.

    One of you guys must be funny

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    List of answers in order:

    You could suggest Extreme sports eg. Extreme Ironing and regular contributor to the local drudge squad.

    Tarzan, husband to Jane. WOuld love to iron her loincloth in the treetops.

    Dinner - hmmmmm, tough one. My next employer? lol

    Fresh pressed laundry?

    Folks, these are no reflection on my personal wishes! And with this distinct lack of imagination on my part..... I'll shut up..... It's a start........ Now


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