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Thread: Found some fake yahoo hackers!!!!!!!!

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    Cool Found some fake yahoo hackers!!!!!!!!

    Just for fun I was searching various newsgroups
    There i got some people who told ridiculous ways of
    hacking yahoo mail

    They said to write the Mail address of victim and
    then our own mail id and password in some special format
    and the send to some email
    like pass_recovery@yahoo.com, etc.
    and claimed we will get it in one hour
    but what they really do is make their own id by some
    secure name and claim to be of yahoo admins.
    So be careful guys to not to give your password like this to them....

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    We have all seen this. It has been posted several times.

    If you fall for that, you deserve it. You shouldn't be trying to crack others e-mail accounts.

    I think that most people are aware at the different ways of social eng. techniques.
    This is just a lame attempt at it.

    If you want to learn about social eng., why not learn from one of the most infamous?

    Kevin Mitnick has a good book about it called The Art of Deception. It is a real eye opener.
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    Don't be so haesh on him phish. He may be a nub trying to help

    Anyway thanks for the heads up and about the book, phiush is right, buy it if you want a good read.

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