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Thread: camera follows car

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    camera follows car

    The police in my town set up this "stop aggressive driving" campaign. They use an unmarked car that has a video camera, recording every wrong move the driver does. My problem is, what keeps them from following you around all day long and racking up every tiny violation, all without your knowledge?

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    What you should do is become very paranoid and watch your rearview mirror. everytime you think someon is following you floor it whip around a corner as fast as you can...Pull a U turn and follow him. then you can tape whatever he is doing.... and if that doesnt work you could modify your car to be like Kit (from knight rider) and have it spill oil or tacks outta the back.
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    um, well in australia there are laws the stop cops from following you until you make a mistake. if they do follow you, and you commit a minor offence (speeding ect) then you can actually get it dismissed in the courts. im not sure about the laws where you live, but even if the cops could follow someone around all day, but then the question becomes, would they want to?

    besides, i would think that the person they are following would notice that the same car has been following him/her for so long
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    There are similar laws in America. A police officer is considered to be harassing you if he follows you for an inordinate period of time without a reason. This allows for tailing if you are a suspect or might lead them to a suspect. It does not allow for them to follow you in the hopes you do something wrong. It is the definition of inordinate that is the most difficult to define. In most cases it is loosely defined as the time to get the information on the vehicle back via computer, then the officer must pull you over or let you go.

    However I would like to give you the homeland defense version of what to do. If you are worried about being terrorized by an unmarked police car, duct tape over your license plate, carry more duct tape and plastic in the car to seal you in so he can't use any biological or chemical attack to force you out if he does stop you for the minor violation of not showing your lisence
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    Nothing .... and the problem here is ????

    Anything to stop the carnage and mayhem on the roads has to be looked at positively. Remember if you drive within the laws of your given area - no tickets, citations, fines etc .... No problems.

    I have pulled too many broken ones from cars and told too many parents their kids wont be home to get upset by these tactics.

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    Here in Belgium and The Netherlands its very common these days that you could be followed by such cars. Here they will stop you after a few offences and will charge you for most of the time the heaviest violation. They let it see even on TV.
    Well, normally I'm on the road very often and I never had one behind me ... What's a rear view mirror for ...

    And on internet they update you very fast which cars are used in which regions. And believe me , these cars are very expensive, they're a big cut in the polices budgets, so ... why worry ...

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