Hey All,

Ok, I know alot of you (especially the *nix users) may already have a grasp of this..
but as for me im still trying to learn more about the stuff and nix*and get a better understanding of things i only know a little bit about
I ran across this and found it pretty helpful so i thought id pass the info along for any other newbies who are also trying or wanting to understand more as well

For many who are accustomed to single-user operating systems like Windows 98 or Mac OS 9, the concept of root is an unfamiliar one. This article is intended to help explain what root access is, whether you need it, what you can do with it, and how you can get it.

Of course, as is common with technology terms, there are two very different definitions of root. Here is an explanation for one, just to get it out of the way
root (1): a file system term describing the top level directory of a drive or storage volume.
you can read and learn more about root Here

I hope its helpul and useful to some others out there as it was for me also trying to get a better understanding of it all

( i also searched to see if there was anything on the posts about this .. i didnt come up with anything)