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Thread: New IRC Server

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    Talking New IRC Server

    Greetings All:

    The new IRC server, which replaces the old irc.antionline.com, is now up and running!

    You can now meet up with the rest of the gang at irc.YoursInCyberSpace.com

    New to IRC? Read more about it, and download the necessary software (for windows users) at http://www.mirc.com

    I look forward to seeing you all there!

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    ...This Space For Rent.


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    Thanks for the IRC JP... now I can get my daily fix....

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    thanks JP .. i already waited this good news.

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    Thanks Jp glad its now up and running.However you did say that the new AntiOnline owners will be making this irc server known to the rest of AntiOnline,will the server be advertised on the AntiOnline homepage soon?.And are the new AntiOnline owners going to let you keep your gold point or are they eventually going to take it away?.


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    um, JP has already said that he earnt that gold point.....whether thats true or not i dont know or care. but if he earnt it (for being a member for more that ten years) then why would they take it away??
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    he earned it by running the damned server for many years, starting the thing, etc. der he didnt receive that many points, just gave it to himself because its coo...

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    Yeah but we've seen the problems people try to start with people who have "high rankings" on AO. But I agree, he started this and has kept it running for how long now, so he deserves the status! Anyway, he would have gotten a massive amount of points anyway for the many posts he has made when upgrading the site, fixing problems, etc. So it's just a cut to the chase ;-)
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    Uhm..... sorry to interupt you folks. Its about the ircd. Shrekkie got zlined on the ircD. Could an admin please go there to un zline him again. The opers dont have that kind of access.

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    Thnx Instronics,

    yeah it's true, I still get Z-lined even when my proxy is out....
    Oh well, Jp, pleeze fix this... thnx

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