Uh Hullo

Hello one and all. First off, my apologies for taking a long time to actually use the forums.
I am a newbie as i have advertised and believe me you will see it. Though, i will say i can access the i-net and certain parts of my computer, uh, like the C: and such. What brought me here was Spywareinfo and that was because of the Machine (Microsoft) somehow had me using XP office. Enyhoo, i was going to some sites i should',t have . i know i know, but i kept getting my home page changed and was plussed and perplexed as i didn't know where to turn or who to ask and for that matter what to ask, all these terms and DOSes and such, then the article in the XP's newsletter pointed me to Spy... and then as i started to understand, irealized i don't sh*t about anything 'bout comps :. Then i was wondering some more and stumbled (since i have sense of a carrot, no, wait that is bring the carrot down ) upon the Newbie FAQ and was reading and noticed i will be reading it for a long time at least the links i provides anyway. I am schizo about my feelings pertaining to Win but there is not much i can do until i learn how to use other OSes. I would like to anyway.
Enyhoo, i thought i'd pass on the fact i am very impressed with this site as opposed to a few others i have visited. I don't know there is something about this site that is good very good.
Peace for now.
Petey-man the Molecular man