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Thread: Can't log into AO from home

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    Can't log into AO from home

    This is most likely not a bug of the site but rather a bug at my home pc. I can connect just fine to AO when I am at work, but not at home. I get the error page that AO is in the process of moving and should be done in about 3 hours.... this is dated for feb 25. I have not changed any of my settings on my home computer. I cleared cookies, tried different browsers. I use Win ME, and am at a loss. Probably something simple I keep looking at but not seeing. Both at home and at work we are on cable internet, with different ISP's.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like your home ISP is a little slow on the DNS propogation and/or are using webcaching to give the false sense of fast connection. I'd contact them about it.
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    try to clear your cache.

    perhaps you are just reloading the same page over again. i had that problem at work and not at home. but int ended up being the cache in my proxy box.
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