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Thread: How do i reach the future forum?

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    How do i reach the future forum?

    Maybe this is the wrong forum, i should be in bugz prolly, but when i click "The Future" forum it says i am not logged in or have access...maybe someone can xplain this too me
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    Yeah, this has been going on for a while. I cant access it either. Its prolly just a testing forum, or some sort of communications for Jupiter Media. Any one have a clue? We should PM Programmer7. He would know.
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    I'm new around here but I was told by another moderator that it hasn't worked for a long time.
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    The 'The Future...'-forum has been online for only a couple of days. JP started it to ask our opinion about what should happen to AntiOnline: would we pay for access, would we allow adds, what would we expect from the new owners,...?
    Since AntiOnline has been sold already, there was no use for this forum anymore.

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