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Thread: dang pirates!

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    dang pirates!

    A public Internet site that offered information on the underground software piracy scene was back online Thursday, only days after it was "seized" by the Department of Justice.

    whattaya gonna do wi these kids?
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    It was counterproductive wasn't it ? ,it will probably increase the membership of isonews ,I had never heard of the site till the DOJ brought it into the news . They should have realized the power of the internet and its free flow of info .

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    If it wasnt for these dang pirates i wouldnt know 70% of the stuff i know today?
    Riddle me that.

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    A public Internet site that offered information on the underground software piracy...
    As if offering information ABOUT something is a crime...?

    ...visitors participating actively in the online discussion groups devoted to various aspects of software piracy.
    As if TALKING ABOUT SW piracy is a crime...?

    One especially active discussion thread, entitled "US DoJ vs. ISONEWS," contained over 400 messages posted between Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
    Now they are being called criminals for talking out against DOJ...? I think we like to call that freedom of speech.

    The discussion thread chronicled the dawning awareness among ISONews devotees that the U.S. government had taken over the site's domain name, www.ISONews.com.
    It seems to me the REAL criminals here are/is the DOJ.

    At first, members speculated whether the site, which was modified to display a warning from the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Customs Service, had been hacked or whether the site's owners were playing a joke.
    The DOJ "HACKS" a persons site, yet THEY (Site owners and users) are the criminals?? (Not that hackers are criminals)

    A post by an ISONews.com member named Uncle_Mart suggested that David Rocci, also known as "krazy8", the Blacksburg, Virginia, resident whose arrest and subsequent plea agreement with the government led to the seizure of the ISONews.com domain, was not the site's actual owner.
    People are being arrested for sharing speech and knowledge.

    The resilience of the ISONews.com site points to some of the problems facing law enforcement as they try to crack down on illegal activity on the Internet, according to one security expert.
    Illegal information!? Sharing NEWS, info, and knowledge.... Illegal info?? If you want to talk about ILLEGAL let's remind the DOJ, THEY "hacked" a domain name called ISONEWS which SHOULD be gaurded by freedome of speech. The DOJ "hacked" it and called them crimnals?? Not only did they do this, they also say it is illegal to DISCUSS this info! If that is true everything I said here so far is illegal. I mean not only am I TALKING about pirated SW, I am ALSO speaking against the DOJ's actions. What a criminal I am. ...

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    I just spent a bit of time at isonews and they seem pretty strict with their policys i cant imagine why the doj would waste their time ? It is like going after the media for reporting about a crime . warez , cracks and serials are fairly easy to find on the net why dont they go after them ? I would expect monitoring iso for info would be a much smarter idea.

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    The DOJ seems to be confused,I wonder,who do they consult with things like this,do they just take everything for granted?

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