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Thread: About Keyloggers

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    About Keyloggers

    I noticed AO has some downloads for keyloggers. What do yall think are good for an xp system, i want to see how they work, unless you can explain.


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    To make a keylogger it's simple. You have to make a hook who catch all the keyboard events. This work also for the mouse and others. You just have to use the SetWindowsHookEx function API (see msdn for details).

    There is an example at http://www.codeproject.com/dll/keyboardhook.asp

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    good call ghostdog, i just lerned somethin new.strandedthinker if ghostdog's suggestion doesnt satisfy you there are hundreds of keyloggers out there, some with very cool features.i used to use appstraka on my XP box, it had some very cool stuff.i hoped this helped, take it easy.

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    Heya....my friend just made a pretty cool keylogger in c++. You can get his code on Planet Source Code here.

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