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Thread: Korean org. considers sueing Microsoft for the Slammer-worm

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    Post Korean org. considers sueing Microsoft for the Slammer-worm

    A Korean organization who got visited by the Slammer-worm last month, considers sueing Microsoft. The civilizian movement The People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)wants to claim the damage it suffered on Microsoft. According to the PSPD, Microsoft hasn't done enough to stop the virus.

    From the The People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy site
    People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) decided to file a class action lawsuit against Korea's major ISPs including Korea Telecom and Hanaro Telecom for the losses caused by the web meltdown. For this, PSPD has searched out victims who are subscribers to ISPs and want to participate in the claim through its web site, http://peoplepower21.org. According to the terms of service contracts that bind the telecommunications operators, they are liable for damages in the case of communication obstructions. [However as they have blamed clients mistakes for this incident, a conflict might be held between them. This sentence needs to be clarified. Who is in conflict-the companies with other companies, or companies and clients?] With the participation of internet users, PSPD will first file its claim for collective compensation with the Communication Committee [of the National Assembly?]. If it is refused, a new suit will be filed against the ISPs, Microsoft , and the Korean government.

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    What do they expect Microsoft to do? I'm sorry but I still think there is a lot of responsibility also on the part of Administrators to be responsible for their boxes. If they are aware of something and don't do anything, why should Microsoft be held accountable?

    Smith and Wessen make firearms. They also talk about training those who use them. But they cannot force people to take the training. If individuals take the training but don't pay attention then why should a gun manufacturer be held liable?
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    Yer I agree with MsMittens on this one, Administrators are reponsable for there own security. There was a patch released for the bug months ago, and It was included in SQL server service pack 3(to my knowledge) So I don't really think the ISP has a leg to stand on legal wise.

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