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Thread: for help~!

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    for help~!

    in the mod-x web site,i didn`t know how to enter,becase they need to Analyse and explain a text. i don`t know about Deciphering . who can help me? and teach me about the Deciphering . thank you!

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    in the mod-x web site...
    ...they state that you can't ask for help.

    besides, it's just a game. when its over its over. its about the LEARNING. when you do it YOURSELF.......then you'll know what i'm talking about

    they aren't complicated, especially the first one. if you check out Wangs forums you will find that eveyone who asks about any level is always told to think SIMPLER, don't overly complicate it and then you will be fine. also, a break and a cup o'tea can sometimes help too.
    Hmm...theres something a little peculiar here. Oh i see what it is! the sentence is talking about itself! do you see that? what do you mean? sentences can\'t talk! No, but they REFER to things, and this one refers directly-unambigeously-unmistakably-to the very sentence which it is!

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