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Thread: computer fraud and abuse act

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    computer fraud and abuse act

    Well some say hackers are being sentenced to harshly and others think that they are let off to easily. It depends on the nature and intent of the so-called crime that the said party is said of commiting thank for the Eletronic Frontier Foundationeff.org
    To me it's nosense that it's a crime for using your pc to it's fullest capaicity and the knowledge of what U know. Though I don't believe it should use for illegal purposes either. This system called government in no matter what country U stay is solely jealous and envey something they don't fully understand or control. Maybe they should learn the pc world oops! Then they might then use it for criminal intent with their newly found knowledge. The system is all about controlling the masses but, the cyburbia they will never understand until they explore it themselves then I doubt they even understand then unless the are aeeking knowledge and not ways of jailing people.

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    Yea i think that is very true.

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