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    What is the best RFC to learn?

    I was reading all the RFC's and i was wondering which RFC is the best to learn or is there any special order i should learn them in?

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    1) An RFC defines a set of rules and specifications for a standard. So what RFC you read depends on what standard you want to get information about.
    2) Judging from your other posts, there is no way that you are ready to start reading RFCs. RFCs, IMHO, are advanced material and not really meant for a newbie.
    3) Read through the tutorials posted at this site. A lot of them are targeted specifically at newbies, so they should be helpful.
    4) If you still want to read RFCs, then I'd suggest TCP/IP (2151), HTTP (3310), FTP (0959) and UDP (0768).
    5) A good place to start out is http://www.rfc-editor.org

    Note: You might want to delete this thread and move it to another forum. The tutorials forum is only for original tutorial posts.
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    Do not learn RFCs. Except, perhaps

    RFC1149 Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian carriers

    Which I think is particularly amusing


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