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Thread: I got the stupidest e-mail.

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    I got the stupidest e-mail.

    Someone e-mailed me and said there is a virus going around and since you are in my adress book there is a good chance that you could have it. the virus is called jdbgmgr.exe heres how to get rid of it.

    1. go to settings then go to search for files and folders.
    2.type in jdbgmgr.exe and a icon should come up with a white teddy bear with a file name called jdbgmgr.exe
    3.now right click it and click delete

    ps. you might want to check all files just incase

    tell me if you think this was a good prank or not?

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    They were trying to trick you into deleteing a windows file. Its not a virus...

    Click My Computer, then hit search, and then C&P the file name into the search... I think it should be around C:\windows\system32 or something like that.

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    It's a known hoax. http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/ven...file.hoax.html
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    As cgkanchi said this is a hoax. This is not a virus but the guy who send you this message is a virus

    I think the best way before deleting anything after a message like this one it's to go to symantec site or similare to see if there is an alert or not.

    You've the correct attitude to ask others than deleting.

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    i agree with "The Specialist... it isn't a virus .. but an application which location in system32 on your windows. don't worry mate .. if your antivirus ( last updated ) didn't find any virus .. it means jdbgmgr.exe is not a virus . don't delete the file .. perhaps the sender just want cheating on you

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    if he really creates problem to u ( that person)
    then u may plz contact to
    this is really good site

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    Like everyone said here, it's not a virus and is a very old Hoax ! Like others already said, always check onto the Symantec web site when receiving that kind of weird email messages !

    Also, the file you are talking about is just a small Java Debuger application that is also protected by the Windows File Protection service. So, it's also possible, than even if you delete it, it will be recreated on the spot !

    It just to make people freek with their PC, making them think that they have a virus and waste their time !

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    The sad thing is there is a very large number of people who will do this, and unknowingly fuxor their computers. People who do this kind of thing for amusement are kinda pathetic. How is it a good prank to take advantage of others ignorance? All you've proved is that you're immature and quite rotten.
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    The only people who need the file are programers right? Programers most likely won't fall for something like that so why bother?
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    Sad thing is, most of my teachers at my work fall victim to these pranks all the time. I'd say a majority of the teachers deleted that file, along with some others when it first came out. Uhg, Needless to say, Some teachers have had to pay me big bucks to format @ reload their system. I tell them all the time. "You have a tech on call at all times, use it, when you get a scary e-mail, check it first!" Hmm they wont listen, and thankfully, it keeps me in business!
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