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    Apache VS Other Servers

    I wanted some opinons of members on AO. What are the pros and cons of Apache versus other web servers like Abyss? I have been using Abyss for a period of time now and thought it has been extremley efficient. I haven't tried Apache because I heard it was difficult to setup and I haven't the time to contribute. So whats so good about Apache that Abyss doesn't contain?
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    hmm.. apache.. its not that hard but its take time.. if u wan to use the default apache server, its not necessary u change the config file. but if u wan to boost ur apache like to support cgi like perl or somethin' or wan to support server page like php, u must load the module. that gonna needed u change the config file..
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    Apache supports lots of scripting languages, it's open source, updated frequently by people who really care about performance and security, not marketing, Apache comes with *nix operating systems, so you don't have to spend time installing. Lots of documentation is available, lots of built-in security features. That's just a few reasons to use apache, and no, I don't find it difficult to setup and use.

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