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Thread: Custom Avatars

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    Custom Avatars

    In the AntiOnline FAQ it says that I dont get the privilage of a custom avatar until I reach 45posts which can be viewed here in the FAQ.But I have just reached 15 posts and have the privilage of a custom avatar .


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    um. i dont think this is the appropriet forum. but anyways, the FAQ was written when the site was created. however since then many things have changed, but have not been changed in the FAQ. for example, it might have been 45 posts at one time. but maybe the members appealed it and said it was too many posts so it got reduced (who knows) and it never got changed in the FAQ
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    Hmm, not sure, but i think that a custom avatar is one that you upload yourself. Not one that AO lets you choose from. Best way is to try it out.

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