Newbie Question Beware: What is an IDS?
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Thread: Newbie Question Beware: What is an IDS?

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    Newbie Question Beware: What is an IDS?

    I did a quick search for it. It sounds really familar. What does it stand for, and how does it affect me?


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    take a look at this one : It'll be helpful.

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    Intrusion Detection System

    There are both hardware and software flavors available.

    There are TONS of links on google.
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    Lol doh! Thanks for the link and info Shrekkie.

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    do ids include firewalls? and also what hardware systems are ids?
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    while it is possible to get firewalls that include IDS systems I dont recommend that you do it.

    You should run seperate computers for firewall and IDS. It could be a good Idea to run a minimal IDS within the firewall but running a full blown Firewall/IDS will open up more vulnerabilities.

    Heres why... IDS requires a alot of processor time and memory. A firewall can receive a lot of data in a short amount of time. Now if you have to wait for the firewall to forward all TCP and UDP packets to the IDS for packet analysis then you leave yourself open to DoS attacks. This is because, depending on the speed and RAM in the computer, you will be putting a huge strain and wait time on the firewall if it has to do both things at once. Hope this helps

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