Stop with the M$ symbols personally I think its lame.

They make a product with that is insecure? So what!? The majority of security conscience people use linux anyway right? Well as a gamer with a mild security conscience I can reasonably say, I think what MS did was a good thing. With there easy to use, tho buggy thay help mainstream PC games on the pc.

Anyone remember, that hacking challenge a while back where they said it was unhackable? Where they only had like 2 things running on the computer?

Well there you go, the more you got running the more likely it is insecure. With that in mind, think of all the things MS must cover..... from word processing, to server hosting, to game playing to internet surfing, the list goes on forever to very mild things.

With thousands of people working on it, it is reasonable to say someone screwed up. And if that many people did. Or code was written secure but it was used the wrong way and manipulated the wrong way.

Don't get me wrong, I think MS should be open source, but that goes agasint what U.S. is about if I even know that anymore, where you got the free choice to do whatever, including making your own business in a sense.

I am all for Linux, but as a gamer I can not fully convert, although I have once, I found myself trying to configure to many things forwhat was really easy for MS, now I loved it, I am and will use Linux again, but as of now MS has mainstreamed and monopolized the gaming market on PCs iw ill have to use their product.

So with all these things going for them you still expect them to make 100% or close to a secure product? After all they do make a small effort by releasing patchs.

<ok rant over>