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well, msmittens, you are right, on second thought i don't want precious *nix marred by hapless users. but i do think whatever OS is for newbs should be open source. I don't want the industry standard to be forever controled by market shareholders and night-schooled 3day trainee VB6 programmers.
I've worked with quit a few people that are employed by MS, and i have to say that out of all of the companies I have dealt with MS hires some of the best and brightest people. Also windows is not coded in VB. It is all mostly C with the newer beta code being developed in C#.

And don't you also understand that it is the common man that is keeping MS at the top? MS is not forcing anybody to buy their product, you can request that Dell or IBM put linux on your system, and are people doing it? No. Why not? because it isn't at the level of usability that Windows is. Most people could care less about how the OS works, they just want it to work, and the #1 OS in the marketplace will always be the OS that works without the user having to know how.

Each OS has it's place, each OS is good at doing it's own thing. There is no "best" OS out there.

And if you want to talk about security, I say unix security sucks in comparison to a MVS system running RacF.