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Thread: Question of the Week!

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    Exclamation Question of the Week!

    Alright, based on the results of this: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...998#post605998

    ...And the fact that it's monday.

    The Triumphant Return of the Question of the Week!!!

    If you could be B|LL G@T3s for one day, what would you do?

    p.s. Yes, you get complete control of both m*soft and his $$$.
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    I'd make everything OpenSource and give 90% of my $ to charities...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    During that day I would transfer control of M$ and all his money to me......
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    I would donate all my money to nasa in exchange for a free spot on the first mars mission and a place on the first mars colony for the rest of my life, i can't wait to leave this retarded planet.
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    A-Hahahah...good one, Tiger Shark. I like your idea, too, Tampabay.

    Honestly, I'd take about a billion dollars, give half of that to a few charities then buy a house in Sante Fe, NM and one in Nova Scotia. In each house I'd set up an awesome network, program all day, and volunteer my time to whomever needs it.

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    I would also transfer couple millions $'s to my personal account. Then I would get a admin access to their network and allow an anonymous FTP-access to their sourcecode.ms.com -server

    Rest of the day I would spend driving around US with some sports car and eating fastfood at McDonald's..
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    I don't know if I'd make windows open source.. a lot of people out there would do good and patch the holes found. but I think MS products are like icebergs... only 10% is visible... so what about the other 90% of the wholes.. that's a lot of exploiting for the evil people out there to do... But I would make all MS Products free.... Then I'd be myself a McLaren F1 for every day of the week, I'd buy the playboy mansion and all the playboy bunnies and have the worlds sweetest network installed in there... then I'd put a billion in my bank account and give away the rest.

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    I would take five million dollars and with the rest I would work to eradicate every version of windows me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'd probably buy 20 or so Alienware PC/laptops...

    ...buy some small remote island who's government is dying anyway...

    ...buy a few slave-women...

    ...and yeah...

    /me daydreams....
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    I would buy the next US election for ralph nader ,keep a million or two and give the rest to the needy of the world .

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