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Thread: DOS Utilities

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    DOS Utilities

    When t2k2 made his post about requiring a HexEditor that would run off a boot disk.. it reminded me of a site in my book marks.


    This is a great site, with over 700 software apps for DOS. I'm old school with computers in Linux i completely ignore Xwindows and the same goes for when i'm in Windows.. I ignore the GUI... and use my console as much as possible.... so I've added most of the Linux commands to my command prompt to make it easier to use (I still require Win for certain functions hence no total switch) but these accessories can come in very handy especially for those of you who want to learn basic unix commands on windows there's a list of commands that have been ported and are available for you to download.. Check it out and have fun.. and remember the console is always more powerful than the GUI

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    Thats awesome. Im in the process of making a small QBASIC program that has tons of DOS utils. Hopefully it will be done soon and I can add some software from that page.

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    Good site, very good for adding functionality to DOS command line programs. did a little of that last year, could have used that site then. Good post!
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    Great link those tool will come in handy.

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