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Thread: unknown movie format

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    Unhappy unknown movie format

    Hi there Fellas..i have this movieclip with me...and strangely its is showing itself to be a data file...I right click it and in the properties "type of file" it shows up as FILE.It naturally refuses to play with WindowsMediaPlayer....by the way i use win2kp....i have all the possible codecs in my machine...any ideas how i can convert this to avi/divx/mpeg....THX IN ADVANCE..

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    Well, windows usually associates based on extension. Where'd you get the file from? Try just putting an extension on the file. Check here for a list of extensions.
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    You can test and see if it's a movie file and what codec you may be missing with GSpot it's a codec information utility and it may or may not help you identify the file and the missing codec .

    Hope this help.


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