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    i was reading up on network technologys and found a computer terminology site, which by the way it is a very good site www.whatis.com and was reading about 10 GB ethernet.and i wondered how engineers would hook up a network using such cables. i did a google search tryin to find something about installation of ethernet but didnt really come up with anything satisfactory to what i was looking for.i would like either a step by step guide to installing something like this or even just a picture explaining such a process. cause when i was reading it was sayin how 4 cat 5 cables are used to achieve a 1 Gb banwith and i just couldnt figure out what type of devices they would use to hook something like this up.so if anyone could point me to a web site or if they have the time explain to me what they use to achieve something like this i would really appreciate it.take it easy ppl.

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    I believe it will be the Cat 6 cabling spec that will handle this.


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    Companys like Foundry are doing it with fiber. The IEEE has too many links to post individually, so I'll put them all together as one and let you have a look for yourself. Of course, Cisco has gotten into the game as well. here is a press release about an Aussie telco going 10 gb on the backbone with the Cisco 12000 series hardware.

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