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Thread: IDE for JAVA in Linux??

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    IDE for JAVA in Linux??

    With all this hype about opensource software, I was interested in joining the bandwagon....
    I'm at present working on a Java project, for which I'm using the Microsoft Visual J++ IDE. Could some one tell me if there's a JAVA IDE available in Linux (there's probably one existing, i just need to find it out)....


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    Emacs with the integrated JDEE
    It's not as pretty as Visual J++, but once you get the hang of it it is quite powerful. You can use it to launch console apps or applets. It has a debugger and text highlighting.
    Try it out!
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    Here ya go... http://netbeans.org/ide . This is one of the best. I use it under windows as well. You need to have a JDK installed though.
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    I use blue-j in both linux and xp, it works great for both. Just remember to download the java sdk.
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