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    Lightbulb socket programming

    i hope i won't be banned for this thread -----
    well i have some basic questions about socket programming ----
    it consists of two applications server and client . server running on a system runs in background now my question is about a appliction called BO2k .which works like a keylogger
    it's server is installed on a machine and it start working in background . now is it possible for a appliation running in background to get key's being pressed --copy those key's to a file.
    i think it shoud be possible with getche() in c++..isn't it so----

    plz reply -----

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    It sounds like you want to learn how to make a keylogger, weather it be with ilegal intent or just quizitive and wanting to know more we cannot provide that kind of information, as this site focuses on defence. Though knowing how a keyloger works and how to make one helps companys develop anti-keyloggers. All I can say is keep experimenting and if you do suceed use the program on your own computer or with permision. It can be a valueble tool when used legitly

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    As journy101 said you want to make a keylogger. It's very simple you just need to make a hook. You have to use the SetWindowsHookEx function API (see msdn for more).

    But as journy101 said can test this only in your box.

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