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Thread: Forensic challenges

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    Forensic challenges

    Does enybody know where can I find some Forensic challenges sites?

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    speaking of challenges, if you wanted a website to have any kind of challenges, what would some be? I mean, an example, and no i dont want another site because we are going to do different stuff, we just want to know what the people want and we can do them!

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    Well, these forensic challenges seem to be cool (i.e. analyzing network traffic or a weird binary file), breaking encryptions, and, why not, a network security contest? (i.e. you are given a network and you should make changes, add stuff, to increase its security)...

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    in reply to er0k
    I would like to see a site where you would first get something like the easier challenges from say:
    Once you have passed the site restrictions you would find (instructions for obtaining) some image and or project.
    This could either be some sort of packet log or maybe something like the challenges 24 and 26 on the project.honeynet.org site. You could use the AO site to find examples of problems.

    The site should have some sort of points sytem to award point (although you will always find cheaters) and have it contents 'refreshed' every now and then.

    It could be something like a monthly or quarterly thing and mention the 'winners' in the AO newsletter. (should this be posted in 'site suggestions ?)

    I know I would visit. I love these challenges.

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    Here's a great place to go to for forensic challenges.


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    no0dle, you may already have heard of this site: Mod-X

    Here is a breif description:

    Mod-X is a fictional online game. In Mod-X you will become one of the Mod-X 'agents' and have to solve any tasks that the Mod-X team give you. As you will see the story revolves around a break in to some of the Mod-X systems, and you are the only one who can beat the intruder. Mod-X has a number of levels you must pass, starting off easy and working up to some hard challenges. You will be tested on everything from javascript/encryptions/encodings to daemon vulnerabilities/disassembling/http knowledge...and most importantly, common sense!

    Want to see how others have done? Check out the Mod-X rankings.


    I would like to state that this site is not about hacking - or in any way related with hacking. Although the game involves you breaking encryptions, and solving computer security problems - these are made up by us. There are no links to hacking sites on these pages, and no information about hacking is present. This is purely and simply a game...and the story is entirely fictitious.
    I've only completed the first level here so I can't tell you much about it. If you haven't already... it's worth checking out.

    Go Finland!
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    Thanks for the link math. I will dig into it later.

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    I see a game: uplink
    u are a hacker/cracker & receive some instructions and gain $ and buy a new machine, and so..
    it's fun!

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