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    Thumbs up Welcome to AO

    People...This new user may have been infected somewhere else too, But to me it is looking a whole lot like a Windblows2k misconfigured OS in dire need of maintenance. Does anybody else agree? I just spent 2 days looking for a virus, or anything that slowed my puter to a crawl. It turned out that I had misconfigured my Services. All is OK now.

    BTW dazednconfused... Welcome to our community. I am very impressed by how you are handling your first few posts here. I bet you have even read through the FAQs. I must say this is a refreshing change.
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    Well... I thank you all for your replies...I feel much relieved that nothing untoward has occurred that has caused any damage, and tomorrow (as it is very late here now) I shall try out the virus/trojan checkers you all have recommended....

    But, I'm left with two questions...

    Tiger Shark said that a file called "youare.swf" has been downloaded onto my system. Where is it likely to reside, (for I have searched the system and cannot locate it) and should I simply delete it once I found it?

    And, just for my own knowledge, with respect to Windows software and the *endless* multitudes of files is uses, can anyone tell me what these files are and what they control:


    I just wish to know about these files since another PC user (whom I know quite well and is quite knowledgeable on Microsoft issues) could not answer my query as to what these files are all about. Just curious - since they also appeared to be created in an "unusual" location the day I became an Idiot !!

    Anyway, I do thank all of you for your courteous replies as this is the first time I have ever solicited advice (for any reason) over the Internet, and due to the polite and helpful responses received, it has certainly reaffirmed my faith in the general kindness of humanity (although it is ironic that it was my lack of faith in humanity (ie: virus vagabonds and their ilk) that brought me here in the first place !!

    I certainly hope that I will be able to lay this matter to rest after trying out the trojan detection/cleaners you have recommended for general use. But I must say that I am more than interested to know from any of you what you would recommend for basic PC security when it comes to overall security matters.

    There is so much "out there" for both anti-virus and anti-trojan software....and I know that Windows software is a hackers paradise...so what would be the "best" to get ? (bearing in mind this PC is only for fun at home - it's hardly Pentagon type security we are addressing here !)

    (As I mentioned in my first post, I'm a UNIX lover at heart - I'm only using MSoft because that's the order of the day on PCs these days, so I'm quite aghast actually as to how incredibly bulky and (uneccessarily) complex these applications seem to be as they reside on disk. Perhaps this is my personal bias, but I prefer to be in control of my operating system as opposed to feeling that the operating system (Windows) is controlling me. )

    I'm sure in the future, maybe even tomorrow, I may come up with new questions about Windows security since my mind usually conjures up a dozen questions for every one that has been resolved, so I hope to visit this site often as it has been a most pleasurable and enlightening experience this first time online here.

    Thank you all for the comraderie.

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    The swf file is a shockwave flash file..... If it remains on your system it will be in your temporary internet files.

    The ff*.* files are automatically created by a program called Fast Find which is a Windows program that indexes your folders so that files can be found more quickly. Frankly it really isn't worth running it and I disable it. It usually reside in the startup folder, just delete it. It consumes more resources on a minute to minute basis than the benefit it provides.

    Hope this helps
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    Hiya D&C!

    You've got some good advice here already so I won't go over old ground but:

    *I am continually kicked out of my net connection on the "infected" computer.
    Could it be that your modem is failing, noise on the line, ISP being unreliable? I got kicked off five times this evening when I first dialled up. I blame squirrels on the line myself, it's far more entertaining than the reality (cranky old modem which needs replacing).

    *I am told during random sessions that "there is not enough memory to perform this operation", no matter how trivial an operation (couldn't even open up a DOS window yesterday).
    Have you considered that you might just need to completely clear your files and start again reinstalling your OS (is it Windows 98 by chance?)

    *During online sessions, I am often redirected to webpages I have not requested, and those pages I have requested - and which I know exist - are returned to me as "page not found".
    This sort of hijacking and redirection does occur, particularly on sponsored servers. You can download some software to stop that (but don't do so till you've solved the other problems otherwise you'll most likely find things deteriorate further). NB I have seen a downloadable which'll sit on your hard drive and randomly fire up web pages, but you don't have any of the symptoms.

    *Webpages are displayed incorrectly - the page being displayed may have a title of one news story, yet display the contents of another unrelated news story
    Did you try reinstalling your browser!

    *My entire system can lock-up to the degree that ctrl-alt-del does not respond.
    Mine too.....but this is not necessarily a sign of a virus (mine is just thinking about the massive EPSs I'm trying to save).

    (The only way I knew I had been "infected" at the time, was because someone else on the particular msg. board where the "bad link" had been posted, pleaded with everyone else NOT to click on that link (as posted by the "assailant") because he/she advised it was a nasty Trojan and according to his post : "We are trying to get it shut down" - referring to the web address "youdontknowwhoiam".)
    So, to be clear here - you have someone who doesn't like someone, saying that the person they don't like is hosting trojans??? Does this not strike you as a little odd? Could it be that the person saying this doesn't know what they are talking about? Sorry but the world is full of worriers on this subject. If you eliminate the site you visited, what else has changed? Did you install a new application, perhaps you changed some settings? The simple answer is probably the right one.

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    Just as a footnote to any request for help in situations like this.. our answers are verymuch a shotgun approach, and can be confusing to not only the poster but also many others, to avoid this when posting try including the following

    1/ Please list your O/S and version.. perhaps even Service Pack's installed
    2/ What A/V software you are running
    3/ What Firewall do you have (Hardware, Software)
    4/ May even help to give a quick list of your system spec's cpu, ram (see #1)

    IF you are running windows a quick peek at your startup list is a good help.. if you have a version that has "msconfig" check the startup list there.. there are some good progs that can also help out here..

    Check out the tutorials as well.. some great info here regarding some of these issues

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