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    Are you being watched?

    Forgive me if I am wrong, but would the FBI, NSA, or whoever, wouldn't it be easier to monitor hackers, if they kept tabs on all the "war servers"

    I beleive it would be extremely logical for the government of the U.s. to keep tabs on its hacker watch list simply by setting up a playground for the hackers.

    Anyone have any more info on this?

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    hhmm .. i don't have any information about that mate.
    but i think beeing an ordinary person is better.. as long as you never do hack or crack something on web and do nothing bad on the web, you will save.
    i said i dunno becoz i don't wanna make any argue about that thing.. hack and crack are bad .
    it would be better to protector than hacker or cracker.

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    i think more info/data is collecte from honeypots- for right now this seems to be working pretty well- as soon as some l33t hax0r tries some new (0day) exploit - every admin is notified and a patch is out t he next weak... as far as keeping track of people/haxors... that's a big job- there are a lot of them- but only a few are watched... you can't go aroun tracking every lil' skript kiddie in some game server? anyway- just my thoughts...
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    King of CaveMen i have heard that they do this. They set up a computer call it a wargame and watch the logs. They also search for patterns on the wargames and try to match these patterns to real computer crimes to try and find a suspect for it.

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    Are they monitoring hackers for the impending mass cyber warfare attacks??? they may be monitoring for a long time. Might be better off protecting their infrastructure then trying to gain the odd PR blitz by captuing a "super hacker " (a.k.a script kiddie who knows how to ping something)
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