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Thread: Exchange Server and Email exploits

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    Exclamation Exchange Server and Email exploits

    I read to day about a vulnerability in Sendmail that allows a person to gain access to a mail server by sending and email message. http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/interne...eut/index.html
    Is anyone aware of any similar vulnerabilities with Exchange Server. Is it possible to attack an exchange server with an email or is Exchange Server simply the medium by which malicious code is delivered to users..

    Just wondering
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    The sendmail vuln is not related in any way to the exchange server, but it's possible that this one, too, might have a bug not discovered yet...

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    i logged on just to post pretty much the same thread, except i read it here http://www.msnbc.com/news/880094.asp?0dm=N11JT
    some interesting stuff, at this link they make it sound like just one e-mail could almost break the infastructure...almost but not quite.my guess would be that for some the search is on to find similar vulnerbilities sense this info has been released.
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    Exchange is in no way using the sendmail code, so the sendmail vulnerability will not surface on Exchange. While it is possible that vulnerabilities exist in exchange or any other product out there, this is always the case.

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