Ok Hi Guys,

The Intranet is up and running, looks a bit tatty at the moment but hey! It's functional.
Onwards and upwards...

Todays question is a two parter, no flames please because I have researched this one and cant find a decent answer.

Part 1

When using Word and Frontpage I have the option to save single pages as:

1.) Webpage - This one I understand. It just saves as a normal HTM with a folder with all the graphics in.

2.) Webpage (filtered) - huh?

3.) Webarchive - huh?

Thats part one over with.

Part 2

I'm creating a nice back ground for our emails being sent out. (as HTML obviously)
The problem I'm having is trying to figure out how I save the background as one file.

The actual background is white. And it has one logo on it that is a Jpeg.
When I save this as a .htm it gives me the page and a folder with the logo in it.

This is useless as Outlook wont display the logo because
1. Itís a Jpeg.
2. It wont accept multiple location entries
(ie. C:\mystuff\background.htm; c:\mystuff\background\logo.jpg)

How can I make this page save as one file?
I looked at the background stationery that MS give you with outlook and they seem to all be one page with all the graphics embedded.

Help me AO crew......oh and no 'Dear VicE$DoS$ just save it as a BMP answers please' as they donít look as good and cain memory.

Thanks Guys, Girls & Aliens. (oh and sorry rb300+)
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