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Thread: Cheap Alternative To Buying Software

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    Post Cheap Alternative To Buying Software

    I am writing various bits n bobs at the moment

    An Acdsee type program
    An Alternative Word Processor
    A Space Monitor for Servers for administrators
    AN Icon Editing Package
    A Secure POP3 E-mail client
    A Proxy Server

    I need people to help me testing them accross various platforms

    If you can help leave a message here with the piece of software and your os and I will mail you the program.

    In exchange for your work I will give you the full Rights to my program to use on your p.c

    I intend selling the software for 1 per license. (bit cheaper than the alternatives)

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    Nice, i would certainly like to try it out.

    Am using win98 se and am very much interested in icon editing pgm and picture viewer
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    if you need someone with WinXP Pro then just email me

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    pm me I'll be interested to test it on 2000, XP, 98 etc


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    Win 2k Advanced Server, Pro; XP Pro. POP3 client and Proxy server.

    Er, Expansion card cage?

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    mandrake 6.2, mandrak 8.2, mandrake 9, redhat 7.2, redhat 8, BSD 4.6.2, winXP pro. wind2k Pro... (next week i am messing with linux all week, so I'll probably kick around all of the versions i have. i have xp pro and home and 2k pro at school
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    sweet sign me up fer the word prossesor
    i have win me
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    I dont mean to be rude or off topic but really, theres no need to reinvent the wheel. If youre looking for a more cheap alternative to windows & the expensive productivity software for it, switch to *nix. Its not only more stable, but obviously has loads of free open source software for everything, and kde3 is prettier than windows .

    If you still dont want to switch, OpenOffice has a windows port of their office/productivity suite, and you could find many freeware apps here. Although I admire your geekiness, I would recommend either becoming a part of these good free replacement apps' projects or finding something new and (most likely) more interesting, useful thing for you to do.

    Again, no offense and no hostility are implied, just a suggestion.
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    no offense boyle, but were these application written in Visual Basic?
    if so- i'm afraid that they use way too many resources... possibly slow- although i shouldn't say anything until i've tested it? but Visual Basic applications tend to be sloppy (under the hood)...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    VB Aint to bad.

    Despite what many people think VB aint that bad.

    The best example I can find is.

    o.k Here go's
    All the secretaries here used to save work into their own folders. (3600000 Files worth)

    We (I) decided to move the system to a client matter based system where each client had a number and each thing they asked us to do had a number.

    I got the secretaries to rename files to "client.matter filename.ext" My vb app then recursed the server drives and moved the files to the appropriate folders.

    It did all this with no arguement and manually it would have taken 40 secretaries about 3 weeks.

    I did it my self in 8.5 hours.

    So please don't dis the old vb.

    Remember guys although we are all geeks here and have *nix and various other os's not many major companies in Law/Engineering/Car Parking/Retail use them.

    Go on, Big up the VB

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