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Thread: Avatar Contest

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    Talking Avatar Contest

    Hey guys,

    found something interesting about an avatar contest, which seems that most people think is a good idea, so i thought i would start it off, however, i didnt know how the last avatar contest was run so i will get some ideas and see what happens along the way.

    i gotta go now so i wont get your responses till tomorrow, feel free to start now if its just one of those things that you gotta nominate someone, also, if thats the case, i dont think you should nominate yourself, kinda defeats the purpose.

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    my avatar

    Here is one that i threw together...
    it looks alot like my personal avatar... only blue/diff
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    my new avatar I didnt make but I get a kick outta it anyway
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    I made my current one, and attached another to this post judge either or both
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    lol...Ennis is gona win again, with his Dancing man
    My avetar is SO much like me that I'v keept it.... {p2p}Apocalypse gave it to me.... (Tanx)

    - Noia
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    Hi ,

    Mine is too obvious , though I like it and it's gonna stay... I also think it should be a recognition of the person on AO. Often I see first the avatar in a thread before the nick and knowing most common members.

    As I would say... I like the current one of Xacidreign and the one from Negative...

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    Well, if we are going to have another contest for avatars, I'll throw in my vote for Cookie Tux ({PP}Apocalypse) and for the reigning champ, Ennis, with his Dancing Man... That little dude just doesn't stop dancing!
    - Maverick

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    Heh, see my avatar, im going to lock every single one of you into my crystal ball untill you all understand which avatar rules Muahahaha

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    just uploaded last weekend my new avatar. looks cool, euuhhhh I think?!?!?!
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    Bah, 'twas my original idea..... Damn newbies.

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