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Thread: What HTML builder is best????

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    What HTML builder is best????

    I was wondering what would be the best software to use to build a website, im pretty good at the HTML myself but sometimes you just want a program to build tables and stuff for you, i have Dreamweaver 2, is Dreamweaver MX any better and what about Go-live??????

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    In the m$ environment I favor notepad. I like to do it all myself.

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    I've been using HTML-Kit. I won't even pretend to be a good web designer (my page is only like 2% complete) .

    Anyway, HTML-kit is free and has tons of cool features.

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    I use Homesite 5, which has some useful automated features incl table building wizards. I find it provides a good compromise between hands on coding and being able to see what you're building, without the learning curve of Dreamweaver MX. But it's not free!


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    I have had great luck with BlueFish on the *NIX platform. It's very useful. I have also used Dreamweaver MX, but it tends to add junk code, which you need to clean up later, especially on server-side code (and it's boasted as a good server side editor, but I am not impressed).

    Hope this helps

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    I stick with Textpad 4... it's basically an advanced version of Notepad... it does code highlighting so everything stands out nice and structured.. works for a few different languages.... very very nice. program...
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    Yep I can agree with Textpad 4, but if you want something a little more automated try the above suggestions.

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    Originally posted here by dspeidel
    In the m$ environment I favor notepad. I like to do it all myself.

    Yep. When I started writing html I really wanted a program for help, but I forced myself to use notepad. It really is the best. You just have so much more control.
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    I like mx, it wirtes good HTML but crap java script. I have never used Dreamweaver 2 but I have used 5 and MX is much better than five.

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    i think you should just use notepad cause i think its the best to do everything yourself and when you finished you can say you made all the way from scratch instead of using a prog....just my opinion

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