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Thread: New Technology thread

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    Question New Technology thread

    I was goofing on the internet again and was thinking... I buy a lot of gizmos and gadgets as the days go buy. I was kinda curious if anyone would want something like a monthly post on cool new gadgets (mostly ones I purchased or tried out) and if they were worth your money or not.. Maybe it could even be added to the end of Ms Mittens newsletter she releases?

    Thought this could appeal to the geeks in all of us. Let me know some of your ideas or gadgets you would like added on there
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    I think that this is a great idea and sccording to the poll results i am not alone

    I think that this is a great idea and sccording to the poll results i am not alone
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    hmmm, yea, could become part of the Newsletter product testing also, a new Tech Forum would be cool, where all the new stuff could be posted and talked about etc....oh well... ma 2 cents

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    Yeah, that would be pretty awesome. I'm always visiting Thinkgeek.com and wondering which gadget to get next. :P

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    This is obviously a good idea but is already a common idea. I subscribe tovarious newsletters which give me weekly updates on new products. From Sharper image to cnet, I like to know whats out. If you could truly integrate all things tech in one forum, well that would be a feat.

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    testing new gadgets here on AO or the newsletter Grreeeeaaat

    wonder who will be the greek of gadgets¿

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