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Thread: Help me understand what Citrix does & how to secure it

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    Help me understand what Citrix does & how to secure it

    Recently I heard about a service called Citrix. I did some research about this and basically my understanding of this is a centralized management system for allowing access to applications on a remote access basis. Am I out in left field or is this a pretty good summary of what Citrix does. Also what security concerns would you need to consider & what could you do to secure it? Thanks

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    Maybe this 'll help you a little further, enjoy reading...

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    i ever read about Citrix .. and it is use for solve big bussiness and IT challenges.
    as long as i know about Citrix had joined with Microsoft and make Citrix software ( i could be wrong about this )... it is not really a computer programming and it focus on doing their jobs. and Citrix Software able to make application access transparent and seamless many users.

    There are many tools that allow you to
    1). manage a global server farm
    2). centrally install, uninstall or make updates applications
    3). web-based access to Windows-, UNIX-, or Java-based apps

    that what i know about Citrix .. hope could help you and i could be wrong about this

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    Citrix originally created terminal services on Windows NT Server 3.5 It allowed thin clients, dumb terminals, to run windows applications on the server. Think of it like a multi-user pcAnywhere!
    In NT 4 microsoft took the technology to create Windows NT 4 Server Terminal Server Edition. And from Windows 2000 put the terminal services into the kernal, add/remove programs, Windows Components, Terminal Services.

    Citrix has evolved by adding additional functionality to terminal services that Microsoft don't offer. The best place to look for more information is: http://www.citrix.com/products/metaframexp.asp

    If your still not clear about it drop me an email and I'll try to help out.


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