Hi Guys another Symantec Cat 2 worm info Found here

W32.Zokrim.B@mm is a mass-mailing worm that uses Microsoft Outlook to send itself to all the contacts in the Outlook Address Book. The email has the following characteristics:

Subject: La tua amica Morena
Message: Ciao... e da tanto che non ci sentiamo!!! Come stai ??
Attachment: Morena.exe

When W32.Zokrim.B@mm runs, it displays a message: "File not found c:\windows\," and illustrates a .jpg photo, named morena.jpg.

W32.Zokrim.B@mm also attempts to spread using mIRC. This threat is written in the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language.

Type: Worm
Infection Length: 36,864
Systems Affected: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me
Systems Not Affected: Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX, Linux