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Thread: Linux Success

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    Talking Linux Success

    FINALLY! Linux is installed on my laptop. :-) All hail....the Linux Bible!

    Its RH 8.0, and I got the WinModem to work, which was the major problem before. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get it set up, and pointed me to some great websites. Many thanks to everyone here.

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    I didnt help... but congrats!!

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    Where can i go to download it? I have been wondering where to get it? Could someone help me?

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    banananuts if you go to http://****microsoft.com or http://windows-sucks.com it has a whole list of many alternatives to windows and liks to their download pages and rh is on there.

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    banananuts this is a really good site for getting Linux ISOs


    but be peparred both Red Hat and Mandrake are 3 CD downloads and if your not really knowledgable in linux these are the best 2 distrobutions IMO.
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    SuSe is in my opinion the best Distro, its easy enough for begining users and also as you advance you have more advanced tools to work with, so i always recommend that, and its hardware detection is awesome

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    I'm about to install Mandrake 9 on my Win XP Pro box. It has 2 hard drives with 5 partitions between them. The partition I want to install Linux on is on the 2nd drive, so well away from my current OS. Will the install pick up these partitions and allow me to select the partition I want to install Mandrake on? The docs aren't EXACTLY clear on this in my opinion, they seem to cover installations on systems with just 1 hard drive.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    Assuming your version of Linux is semi-recent, then yes it will. Installing Linux is easier than ever, especially if you already have the partitions set up the way you want them. (Its really just hard if you try to re-partition a box to support Linux AND MS)

    Just watch the partition names and sizes, and you shouldn't have a problem!

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    Just some things to always keep in mind, nizead:
    on Linux-boxen, your harddrives are named as follows:

    - Your first hard disk is hda, your second hdb, third hdc and so on.
    - The first partition on hda (first hdd) is hda1, second is hda2 and so on.

    Mandrake will offer you to either install on hda or on hdb. In your case, choose hdb. If you want your entire disk to be used by Mandrake, have it auto-allocate space (it'll create partitions and add filesystems). So yes, Mandrake will pick up all of your partitions... nothing to worry about

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    Thanks to Mobius and Negative for putting my mind at rest on that one. Can't wait to get home and install.

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