Ok i know this sounds like a goofy question for anyone with a brain but somehow i got on a porno spam list at premiumescorts.net. in the spam in question there is no unsubscribe link or any contact info to get off this list. i used "whois" in antionline tools to establish the company owning the url. it is wb enterprises llc of chesterfield mo. i then scanned their ip and found its and that when tracerouted it leads to a server in russia. ok now i have called wb's tech support line and left message to get me offf the list, sent email to only adress registered to the url premiumescorts.net, searched the net for it and found its a spammer domain, and sent undeliverable email to lavalive@premiumescorts.net (the address spamming me) and webmaster@premiumescorts.net. i know i should check the headers but i do not know how in yahoo mail. also its a crime not to offfer an unsubscribe link or an 800 number to get off spammer lists in mo. so can anyone help me before i have to report them to the state of missouri and will it even help as they are a po box in missouri and servers in russia?