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Thread: MS resigns from OpenGL board

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    MS resigns from OpenGL board

    Microsoft has tendered its resignation from the consortium governing the OpenGL standard, signalling an intention to go it alone with its Direct3D graphics platform.

    What do you guys think about this? MS showing its "commitment" to standards again.
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    Thats's so typical for M$, ... oh... everyone has OpenGL now, oh ok , then we're gonna do something else, and pull some more cash in the future...

    Oh well,... once they'll be crushed... :P

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    I don't think this really surprised anyone. MS has really been pushing DirectX lately. I seriously doubt that MS joined the OpenGL team to contribute. More likely, they joined for discovery purposes. Now that they have all the skinny on OpenGL, they will attempt to better DirectX to dominate the market.


    Here's to incompatibility.

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