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Thread: Deep Freeze - Remove

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    Deep Freeze - Remove

    ----The Following Is A Code For A Batch File----
    cd progra~1
    cd hypert~1
    cd deepfr~1
    attrib persis0.sys - h -s
    ren *.sys *.sys1
    ren *.exe *.exe1
    ren *.dll *.dll1

    attrib persis0.sys -h -s
    ren persis0.sys persis0.sys1

    ----The above code will work for older versions of deepfreeze----
    I need help finishing this code though. Id anyone knows of files associated with DeepFreeze Besides:
    the files in C:\Profram Files\Hypertechnologies\DeepFreeze
    or the files loacted in C:\ names Persis0.sys. I Also nees a way to delete the hypertechnologies key from the registry.

    ----In order for this to work you have to put the batch file on a boot disk. Put the bootdisk in the a drive and restart the pc. When the boot disk is done doing its thing run the batch file. ----

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    I don't think this belongs in the Tutorials.. nor is it appropriate on this forum..

    ACHT_2003 Please follow advice given on your previous posts..

    Now time for me to sleep..
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    I gotta agree with Und3ertak3r, because lots of people are very considerite with posting tutorials, and practically all of them are gathered out of knowledge and experience....
    So be aware where you post something,...

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