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Thread: US bar owner executes Dell laptop

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    US bar owner executes Dell laptop

    And how many times have you wanted to do this...... May have to think twice in future, especially if you live in Colorado!


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    The charges against the Dell-executioner sound about par for the course, coming from Colorado. The best i can see would be "discharging a firearm within city limits". And even that might be a squeaker, depending on how the patrons percieved the danger. On the other hand, maybe the bar was one of those the cops secretly wish some terrorist would park a U-Haul truck in front of, punch the start button, then run like #311? Who knows where some jurisdictions dream up charges from. Seems the midnight cop shows are becoming the defacto training ground for locals.

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    Of course, you gotta wonder why he did it. I mean, I'm sure most of us at one point or another have wanted to take baseball bats to our "problem child" machines, those ones that never stop annoying us. It just makes me chuckle that it's a Dell. I guess Tech Support at Dell really couldn't help him. I wonder if it voids the Dell warranty?
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    How can anyone hold him responsible for his actions??? It was a Dell.... I hope this becomes a trend and more people shoot their Dell's
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    don't we all wanna do that sometimes?

    Thanx 4 the laugh
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