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    Post PHP & MySQL tutorials

    Check out 3dbuzz.com. They got some cool video tutorials about PHP & MySQL. I don't know if they're good, because I haven't found the time to watch them. I have seen their other tutorials which were pretty good in making it understandable for n00bs like me. You have to sign up, though, but if you're also into 3d graphics then it's all good. They're under the download section after the XSI tutorials section once you sign up:

    Issue 1:
    Installing Apache
    Installing PHP 4
    Configuring for PHP
    Adding PHP to HTML
    Intro to Variables
    Installing MySQL
    Intro to DATABASES
    Intro to Tables
    Working with DATA

    Issue 2:
    MySQL User Account
    Integrating PHP & MySQL
    Writing a Counter Script
    For Loops ans Arrays
    IF Statements
    Writing a Guestbook
    Writing a Stat Tracker


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    Looks like it'd be fairly decent -- even just the text tutorials -- for learning php & mysql and they seem to have a fair number of other items there as well...

    Good post
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