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Thread: a stupid question!

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    a stupid question!

    hi guys
    i do feel ashamed of asking such a question
    but i want to make a cd that works on a diskman??
    so the sound tracks should be in wave,right??
    iam just trying to make sure

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    No mosad2, don't feel ashamed. The only way to learn, is to research, and to ask questions. But to answer your question, yes, if you want your music to play in a standard player such as a walkman, or a standard player it needs to be in .wav format.

    *as a side note, some older players don't like certain cd-rw's so that will have to take some playing with to find a brand that your player likes.
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    Depends on the app that you are using to replicate the CD. Clone CD generated discs will not play on older discs, due to the conversion process within the program.
    On the other hand, discs created using WMP will play on almost all CD players.
    One must also pay attention to the anti-copy/anti-burn technology present in some record labels albums.

    No matter how much I hate it...go the long route and feed the media to WMP and use WMP's burning app to create a music CD out of your Audio Library...the CD's that I burn using it work on a mid 80's-early 90's CD player.

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    really thank u all
    for ur quick response

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    I was once told that if you burn mp3's onto a disc at "high" speeds (ie: 24x...30x) they will skip more in a cd player in a vehicle. They said the slower the speed, the deeper the burn. I have no proof if this theory is correct, however my last 2 cd's were burned at 12x and they played just fine in my car.
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    firestarter, I dont think burning it slower will make the burn deeper, it will just take more time to burn it, making it less of a chance that the cd becomes a dud. If im not mistaken, the cd burns the same at anyspeed, just faster and slower.
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    Another way around this is to buy blank cds which are labelled 'Audio'. You don't have to change any settings or anything like that. For backing up, I use ordinary data only cds, for burning music to play on ANY hi fi or portable I use blank Audio cds. You can also put plain vanilla data onto an audio disk too.

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    Always burn with the speed your burning rom is made for
    if you burn at low speed it can happen that it burns to deep (on older devices)
    on newer devices its the same if you burn fast or slow

    if you want to burn audio cd s use nero or win on cd or if you burn mp3 s you can use feurio
    to convert it to an audio cd format
    feurio is the best it tests the track during convert process
    i never have probs with audio cd s burned with that progs

    but i must say that some older audio player cant read cdr and cdrw s
    some new cant it too (pioneer car cd-player 1 1/2 year old for example)

    so try your cds on another cd-player maybe yours is too old or cant read cdr s

    you must not buy cdr s that are named audio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    these cds have burned the lead in
    thats only for normal standalone audio cd burning devices
    some of them cant read normal cdr s so they need the lead in
    and audio cdrs are more expensive
    you only shouldnt use large cdr s more than 700MB
    that can be a problem too

    some new audio cds have a copy security (i hope you understand what i mean)
    you cant play such cds on normal pc drives
    you can copy them only with a good burning device (plextor for example)
    and a copy prog that dont care for that security options on the cd (clone cd for example)

    i hope you understand what i mean cause my english isnt good
    its never stupid to ask
    thats the way i learned all i know

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    I use nero to burn my cd's and take my music right off kazaa. It does not have to be in .wav format because I use .mp3 and it works fine. I have a 4 year old sony discman and I've never had a problem with it. I know that some brands don't play burned cd's correctly. As for the speed thing, I have mine at 24x which is the maximum my burner can handle and it always works fine.


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    Fleet, Nero auto converts it when you say you want to create an audio CD...

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