Several high-tech companies including Sony and Sanyo have officially unveiled a consortium to create technical and safety standards for bringing three-dimensional displays to desktops, laptops and cell phones.

The aptly named 3D Consortium was founded by a group of five Japanese manufacturers--Itochu, NTT Data and Sharp are the remaining three--which have begun to develop technology for screens where two-dimensional images stand out like holograms. The consortium had been discussed in the past but until now had not been formally fleshed out.

To see images or run programs in 3D on these screens, users won't need special glasses or additional software. Sharp already sells a cell phone with a 3D screen for the NTT DoCoMo network in Japan and is showing off a 3D notebook at conferences and press events that can run a 3D version of the game Quake.

"We're definitely looking at larger form factors," said Greg Nakagawa, senior vice president of Sharp Systems of America. "This year might be a good time" for larger devices.
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I figured those who are into the whole bleeding-edge technology would appreciate this, if they havent read it already I can only imagine what playing something like quake or counterstrike would be like with a 3D screen and dolby digital 5.1 sound!