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    The Demise of the Compact Disc

    BOSTON -- When they hit the marketplace about 20 years ago, compact discs had the record business spinning. Now, a leading music retailer says CDs are entering their twilight years, as digital technology takes over.

    "One year from now is when the dark day is, when all involved with prerecorded music will suffer failure," Newbury Comics founder Mike Dreese said.

    I personally prefer CDs to strictly digital music.
    Of course, I usually transfer music to my puter & to my mp3 player when I want to take it on the go
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    I don't see CDs dissaperaing anytime soon, especially with the emergence of DVD Burners at decent prices ($300 range) As far as true audiophiles go, cds wont ever dissaper, because neither will vinyl since its the most accurate reproduction of sound. Something else to take into account is the fact that the music industry is resisting the whole digital movement pretty obstinently. While its obvious that one day something will replace CDs, I don't see it happening as soon Mike Dreese says.
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    I am with Syini666 i don't think CD'z will dissapear for a LONG time. I have KAZZA and i love it you dont have to pay the CD price. But also it is hard to find all the songs that are on the CD. I burn a lot of CD's because its cheaper. And the reason the blank disk's have jumped is because most of the population with computers have a burner on them.

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    Something will have to take it's place before it dies.

    Music DVD's are looking promising. You could get all kinds of extra features like video.

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    CDs will stay mainstream for at least 4-6 more years, until some reasonably portable, cheap, copyable media takes its place. I'm just waiting for the damn floppy disks/drives to die. USB keys have got to take off sometime soon--I don't see how people still use a medium that it isn't uncommon to have 5-10% of the disks bad in a new box.
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