i've noticed there are quite a few windows VB coders on AO- i thought this would be useful...

Link: http://packetstorm.linuxsecurity.com...BCrypto_v2.zip
Name: VBCrypto_v2.zip
Size: 636247
Modified: Feb 3 19:19:02 2003
MD5 Checksum: 94637c4989c67ea607635d7a6e8b962e

A cryptographic archive of 18 popular encryption algorithms, 6 popular hash algorithms and two popular compression and encoding algorithms for Visual Basic 5.0+. Changes for v2: Base 64 encoding instead of Hexadecimal encoding, fixed key initialization functions, updated the EBCrypt library, added CryptoAPI demonstrations from other authors, the inclusion of several classical ciphers, and an HTML page of crypto links. By David Midkiff
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