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Thread: Political compass

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    Political compass

    Ever wondered how liberal or conservative you really are. Well
    now you can find out. There's this online quiz thingy that tells you - it's actually quite fun!

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    nice link mate .. i have fun with this
    i enjoy this site and i can read more about political issue here.

    see ya.
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    Well, I came out just exactly where I thought I would. A slightly conservative leaning libertarian. I prefer the much shorter "worlds smallest political quiz" which you can find here. Same results, different questions.

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    Except for being too long that was an interesting test. I've always been a libertarian and your test confirmed that. My results were: Economic - Right & Libertarian.

    I thought there were some interesting questions on the test:

    Social workers waste their time trying to rehabilitate those who are simply born bad.

    Capital punishment should be a judicial option.

    Significantly physically disabled people should not be allowed to reproduce.

    All authority must be questioned. (my favorite )

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    Mine were Economic - Left and Libertarian. Very pleased indeed to be a reasonably close match to one of our more respected and intellectual elder statesmen, Tony Benn. Although he's a little more liberal and left wing than I.

    Some of the subjects however, I had no opinion on at all. For me, an 'Ambivalent' radio button may have given a truer result. But that's surveys for you.

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    Economic Left/Right: -5.75
    Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.49

    hmm, what does this mean?
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    It means respect! tampabay420 respect!

    Similar to me. It means that your economics have a left wing bias, while your more libertarian in your outlook.

    http://www.politicalcompass.org/ Look at the Analysis link, don't take the test again but keep following any 'analysis' links. Unfortunately the outcome gives a comparison towards British political figures!! There's a useful diagram towards the bottom of the page

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    I took the short test threadkiller put up the link for-I'm a centrist(actually, the way things are headed anarchy looks like it may be more stable than current climates-lol)
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    As usual, one test scores me liberal - just left of center and the other scores me almost dead center...

    Religious and political beliefs are far too personal and subjective to be accurately graphed from a simple questionaire -- IMHO.

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