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Thread: New -not Blu-Ray- DVD standard

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    New -not Blu-Ray- DVD standard

    While the Blu-Ray technology is about to hit our living-rooms, a co-operation between academics and optics-fabricants is already developing a new DVD-standard, capable of holding 1.5 Terabyte (yes, that's 1,500 Gig). Unfortunately, we'll have to wait untill 2010. The disk will be using optical three-dimensional techniques, making it possible to store data on different 'layers'. The new medium (capable of storing a stunning 300 DVD's) should be back-ward compatible with the known DVD-disks. This does not mean the new disk can be played on present-day DVD-players, but the form factor 'will' be the same. Three universities and fabricants as Matsushita (aka Panasonic), Ricoh, Pioneer and Mitsubishi are co-operating making this new "standard" possible. They are investing $USD 25 million in the r&d-project. A name for the new superdisk has not yet been decided on.

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    Heh, that sounds really cool Negative... I wonder how long it will take to record 1.5 Terabytes of data? Days? Also, I wonder what that means for HDD devices? A lot of things to ponder.

    Also, congrats on your 1000th post Negative.


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    Very interesting Neg....got a link other than the "blu-ray" link in your post? I would love to read more about this. Also, let me be the first to say congratulations on hitting the 1000 post mark...guess that makes you a "grand old man" here at AO.

    <edit> ****...make that second...linuxguy99 hit the submit button before me!
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    LCD - Linux - AMD - ATI

    The news comes from a Dutch computer-magazine (PC Active). It's nothing official, but most news from this guy (Jeroen Horlings) seems to become official after a while (7 years in this case :s ). More 'of-the-record'-news from Jeroen:

    - LCD-screens will become more expensive in the future (more users want an LCD, less users want CRT... make your own calculation)

    - IDC claims that within two years, Linux will be number 2 in the world of OS's. Number 2? Errr, yeah, Mac is still no. 2 right now By 2009, Linux is expected to be no. 1 in the server-market.
    [http://www.idcresearch.com/getdoc.jh...tainerId=27521]A link! Official![/url]

    - Clawhammer! AMD! Hmmm.. wasn't that thing supposed to be out in 2002 yet? Yup... The official reason: no compatible Win XP 64-bit version (yet). Blame Windows, not AMD. AMD Opterons will be released soon (server-applications, 64-bit Linux-apps, you know...)...

    - ATI Radeon! Gimme gimme gimme! ATI R350 (probably Radeon 9900), supposed to be on the market in March (maybe it already is... I wrote this in 1978, so don't blame me; I'm a visionary), supposed to run on 375-425MHz; DDR on 800MHz. 128- and 256-MB-versions at your disposale somewhere soon... maybe

    Disclaimer: this might be old news to you guys, it's not to me. Most of it (wait.. all of it) I got from a Dutch computer magazine. I wrote them an e-mail for forgetting Outpost in their last firewall-test, and they promised me to set things straight. They published an exclusive Outpost-test (Outcome: GREAT!), and I took the liberty to translate some of their stuff... All credits for the "news" to Jeroen Horlings.

    And thanks for the "1000 posts"-felicitations Without you guys, I wouldn't even have realized - snif... snif... snif...

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    cool thread negolofagus.. lots of good info. I agree with albn on this one, what DOES this mean for hdds? i mean, if they can store data on layers, and have terabyte storage on a single disk... the hdd was invented before the cd...

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