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    Arrow Antionline Screen Saver

    !!!!!!This is not a zip file had to rename it because .rar is not a valid extension for AO so you have to rename to file to .rar after you get it.

    Sorry about the rar format zip just couldn't get it under the 1 meg file size limit for attached files.
    You may need to get winrar if you can't open the file http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm its better then winzip anyways.

    If some one with some web space or a compresion program that can get it under a meg feel free to post it in zip format.

    Antionline Screen Saver by CWK9
    I decided to learn flash this week and what better way to sharpen your flash skills then to build a screen saver.

    *How to install*
    Unzip the file and dump the AntionlineSS.scr files and the jarg412 file in the c:\windows dir or where ever else windows looks for screen savers. Then simply right click on the desktop>properties and select it under the screen saver tab. A word of caution Flash is ungodly slow when it comes to large text files so if it looks like it chocked when you hit preview give it a few seconds. Deleting the jarg412 file will help it run fine on older machines.

    *How it came to be*
    Did the flash with flash MX, everything is done with actions scripts no motion tweens or other fancy stuff artistic types use. Used Flavor to do the screen saver converstioe. Must of tried about 5 flash to screen saver tools before I settled on flaver. Seemed no matter what tool I used something wouldn't work. Flaver worked with all the scripts except the one that handled key input. The idea was that F5 and F6 would act as panic buttons taking you to antionline F5 by URL and F6 by IP F7 would take you to a random point in the jargon file.

    *Machines tested on*
    Athlon XP 1800 with 512mb ram and a Radeon 7500 64mb running XP pro
    Takes a few seconds to load nothing to major

    Athlon 600Mhz 256mb ram 32meg ATI rage running XP pro
    The wait starts to get annoying takes between 20 and 40 seconds to get going

    (Laptop) Pentium MMX 233Mhz with 64mb ram running windows 98 SE (un-patched)
    Now would be a good time to get your self a beer because after 12 minutes of hard drive thrashing you'll be blown away by a smooth 0.015 frames per second and continued drive thrashing. Although if you delete the jarg412 file things run just fine.

    Scrolling jargon file: The same jargon file used in antionline about 24,000 lines of hacker related definitions and other lingo. Should take about 6 hours to get through the entire file. Its got rivers running all over the place and I had to change all @ characters to "and" so flash would stop thinking I was trying to make a new variable every time in encountered a @.

    Member Avatars: The jargon file was cool but it had nothing to do with antionline yet So I grabbed a bunch of avatars and made the display at random. There are about 150 I know I missed a few people and some of the avatars there are from banned accounts or people who aren’t around any more but I decide that it wasn't worth the effort to do a background check on every avatar. Also some of the avatars look out of place with the black back ground but that’s just another thing to add to the list of stuff that I’m to lazy to fix.

    The amazing rotating enlarging background text: I originally tried to use the logo from the site but it looked out of place so I decided on a bare bones free hand trace of the original. You can see the imperfections as it gets bigger. On the plus side noting scales and rotates like vector graphics.

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    looks cool, but if I may; make the Jargon text a little smaller, and get rid of the rotating antionline, it looks cool and all, but as it get's closer, every thing get's kinda jumpy and weird.....oh well.....nice work still, very origional

    - Noia
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    wow... it is great screen saver .. hahahahaha .. i use it from now on "cwk9".
    thanks for the Screen Saver mate.

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    Here is the swf file if you want to make any changes. You can download the free trial of flash MX and the flaver program can be found here. http://www.meedwedia.com/Flaver/

    this ones in zip format.

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    w00t! I noticed my old avatar in there.
    Thanks, cwk9!

    P.S. I really like your new avatar, but I miss Calvin...

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    nice work cwk9...

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